New Baka Odori 2024

New Baka Odori 2024 will be performed by the distinguished contemporary dancers who are inspired by the first “Koenji Baka Odori(fool’s dance)” in 1957, the root of today’s “Koenji Awa Odori,” one of the most popular summer festivals in the city.
Join this unique disco event that will take place at the warehouse under the railway of Chuo Line, where both adults and children are welcome to watch the lively performances and also participate in Baka Odori!

New Baka Odori 2024
Performance Event

Date and Time: July 28(Sun) 16:00〜17:30
Venue: Kokashita Aki Soko
2-36 Asagaya-minami Suginami City Tokyo

Dancers: Aokid, Yuki Aoki, Yu Okamoto, Erina Nagayo, Miyuki Nishina
DJ: Naoyuki Takeda
Percussion: Ryuichiro Suzuki

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Let’s make dance together!
New Baka Odori 2024
Dance Workshop

In the dance workshop with Erina Nagayo who will be the facilitator, participants will enjoy creating dance together!
The dance created in the workshop will be performed at “New Baka Odori 2024”.
Both adults and children are welcome to join!

*Workshop participants can attend the performance event on July 28 for free.
Workshop Date and Time:
July 27 (Sat) 15:00-17:00
July 28 (Sun) 13:00-14:30
Participation on only one of the two days is also acceptable!
Participation fee: 1,000 YEN
Free for junior high school students and younger & persons with disabilities (reservation required)
*No dance experience required

Venue: Kokashita Aki Soko
2-36 Asagaya-minami Suginami City Tokyo

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Enjoy walking around Koenji with Dance AR!

TOKYO DANCE AR in Koenji is an AR app for smartphones that lets you enjoy unique dances as you visit various places in Koenji such as Izakayas, cafes, bookstores and shrines! Download the app and scan the markers placed at each location, and you can enjoy the AR dance performances overlaid on the real world. Enjoy exploring the city of Koenji filled with the AR dance!
Dance AR app distribution period: From July 12 (Fri) to July 28 (Sun)

Reviving the Origin of Koenji Awa Odori!

The first Koenji Awa Odori in 1957, known as “Koenji Baka Odori”, is said to have been born out of the young people who would try to invigorate the city, running through the town jovially and humorously! In this app, dancers appear in various places with performances inspired by the “Baka Odori” and revive the local history.


AR Dancers

Emiko Agatsuma
Yoko Omori
Yu Okamoto
Ikumi Kurosu
Erina Nagayo

Organized by LAND FES, Neighborsgood Inc.